Thursday, 25 March 2010

Two amazing things

1. The 7" inch Gaggle single, because Im on it, in it and drew it and although its probably boring you now, its not me, so there. This is on the left.

2. This is genius, in the most truest, complete beautiful hilarious sense of the world. Brought to us mere puny humans by Rob Matthews and Tom Edwards, and published by the ever amazing and thoroughly decent bloke plus a lady people of It's Nice That, it is not to be recommended to be read on trains, for the likelihood of an Adam and Joe style comic outburst of laughter. This is on the right.

This is all.

btw, my sleeping tablets have just kicked in, hence the facial expression. and the picture in reverse. solz.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Prangsta Press

Here's some press for you! With my little illustrative adornments and GCSE level graphic design layout. I don't think anyone has too much to fear in the graphic design world from me....

BUT STILL! Check out Prangsta for fancy dress... it truly is a marvellously enchanting world and they are the best costumes in the world. FACT. 

Monday, 22 March 2010

A weekend of Mitchell Spinning, Inappropriate Records, 'Guart'

It had been a long week. I've been working with Champagne Valentine on some drawings for something ill be able to talk about in a few weeks... which is PRETTY DAMN BRILLIANT but I was knackered, so I needed a nice evening out 'with friends'. 
I've also stopped drinking, just to see if I can. I can. The feeling of smug satisfaction if far outweighed by boredom. I know it shouldn't be so, but it is, so until drinking gets dull, I'll start again. 

The weekend got off to a roaring start with Freaks at the George Tavern, for whom the last time I went displayed some stuff a bit further down the blog (January time.) This month saw the first kind-of showing of the collection from which the last picture posted is from - It was some photocopies, as the final piece will be one image of several heads all entwined and entangled with lots of other bits of stuff. (I don't think I've explained that too well. This, again, reinforces my fine art degree grade and why I shouldn't really keep venturing into the art world. ah, well, fuck it.) But it did look good in its naked glory on the pub wall so all isn't lost for me and impending Saatchi-endorsed superslebartstardom. 


It was also Coughlin of Gaggle's birthday. And so she got this. 

Yes, its a card of David Mitchell. She likes him and would like to be wedded to him, I believe. But wait! His head spins as well, allowing you to point his chin towards what you would like to drink next. Of course. 

I also did a spot of dj-ing that evening, with the magnificent beast that is Toby Woby, whose record collection is multi-faceted, many layered and unfathomably large and amazing. It's also got this in

which is frankly, terrifying. 

The rest of the weekend proceeded quite nicely I went to the Tate to see the Arshille Gorky exhibition, which was great. Dave then 'left' some copies of his excellent and free new comic Tiny Dancing in the book shop, in an act of guerilla art, or as it shall henceforth be known, Guart. 

Ahh a new week. New work. 

Saturday, 20 March 2010

House of Doll made me do it

One of many, more to follow. See here for more info

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Oh, go on then

Ok, felt bad about showing a bit of a picture and not finishing everything else so here's Tel in all his glory. The colouring is shit but I was in a hurry.... i never use colour that's why.....

Hoist by my own scanner

This is the corner of a massive drawing I'm trying and miserably failing to scan in. So it may just appear in bits....

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Paris Paris, love to love...

This blog is rapidly turning into a festival of other people stuff I like, which is thinly veiling the fact I haven't got any of my own new work to put up as it's rather in progress... but it is coming on! I've got some pretty spesh collaborative plans and a half drawn epic wall thingy too, PROMISE.

That said, here's a few pictures to tempt you from the latest Sessun window displays by Carolina Melis which I again worked with to create. Sadly the weather was not as great as last time, but we got to Paris, Marseilles and Aix-en-Provence which was all rather wonderful!

Doesn't she look lovely. 

We also met a great photographer in Paris, Clement Jolin through fortunate twists and turns of fate, who helped to capture the new displays wonderfully... I hope to show you his pictures soon. Clement is an Aix native as well, and followed us down from Paris... and showed us this.

I've got my Provence rosemary twig from this very spot sitting next to me on my desk as I write... ahhhhhh.