Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Gaggle single out now... and ch-ch-check the cover


We made a single and someone recorded it and then paid for us to put it out and now you can buy it on download now. Phew.  Its on the usual - itunes, amazon, play... and theres a few v limited edition vinyls left from the good folk of Transgressive here.
Its got a wonderfully horrible picture of maggots on the front and this rather nice scroll I created, with a little Inspiration from the amazing Charles Vess, a huge fave of mine. 

We recently had an amazing photo shoot for our birthing to the world, with the downright amazingly decent human being Danny North.. he takes rather special shots too. We tested him.. too much... but he came through with the goods. A RIGHT TROOPER. Here's a little thing he did. 

Gaggle Time Lapse from Danny North on Vimeo

Thanks also to Prangsta, the best costumiers in the whole world for lending us brilliantly evocative props, help and general good vibes ( how cheesy is THAT?) 

Next - new costumes, new work, single launch and playing Dire Straits and Chas and Dave in Topshop. 


Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Sarah McLean

I am very fortunate to have Sarah as fellow singing lady and friend. I knew she was an astonishing photographer of wonderfulness, but didn't realise she had her own website (I'm not the brightest spark) Of course, I should have known this, as i think even my chest of drawers has a website now.

Anyhow, this is a picture of Sarah, on the phone to Simon Cowell. I took this, but im clearly no photographer,

here's some of her brill pics,

And now go here.

Monday, 1 February 2010

a big old salute

A co-Gaggler and all round lovely Caroline Green has been working on creating a new clothing label with design right at the core; Chief. In her own words, it's:

'A collaborative design company that harnesses the creative talent of its community to produce original and limited edition printed goods for which the community is remunerated when the goods are sold. '

Can't argue with that, or describe it any better... So I did a few designs and put them up. Let her (and me) know what you think! ( and buy ALL of mine.)

Oh alright, you forced my arm, here's one.