Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Gluerooms is bbbbbbbback!

Way back, in the age old time of yore when I was still single, youthful, took way way too many drugs on week nights and lived in a shared household of like minded 'artistic' types, I, along with friends and founder Mic Shaw, helped run The Gluerooms, an experimental noise and art and weird stuff night. It was constantly hilarious, occasionally painful, but always £3 on the door and £2.99 if you was a student. 

Well, times moved on, the pub we did it in turned into a shit version of a good pub (ok, that's a bit harsh, its not too bad really) and it became clear it wouldn't work there any more. We grew up, ish, went off to do other things and... blah blah blah BUT NOW WE'RE BACK!

Anyhow, this is important, as the whole reason I do what I do in what I laughably call 'my career', is down to The Gluerooms. When I left my fine art course at Goldsmiths, I hated art. Well, I hated their idea of it, and kind of still do. So I didn't do anything vaguely creative with my hands (though that depends on who you ask fnar fnar... sorry) for several years, till Mic asked me If I'd like to do the posters. So I did... and here I am. 

So of course, I'm doing them again.

Who couldn't love an anteater in fucking jumper for gods sake? you'd have to be dead or something.

Monday, 8 November 2010

No feline offence intended...

Things what I've been told....

More illustrations for the forthcoming book "MARG? MARG!"

('scuse shitty res. I'm doing this rather quickly because of time constraints!)

Apiary Studios

The kind and lovely folk of the new Apiary Studio's on Hackney Road are really rather wonderful. I helped them out with some business card and website illustrations and designed a font for them too a few months ago, for them to use as they wished! In return I have a desk, the wonderful chats of an old friend and am planning an exhibition... ssshhhhhh. more about that later. 

Where to start...

Losing a parent it turns out, is unsuprisingly horrific. 
Hence the lack of any work for a while. 
But, life, rather cruelly it seems at times, goes on. 

Somehow I managed to make my Dad's funeral order of service. 
He was a member of the William Morris Society, and a lover of all things Pre-Raphelite, and art in general. As a trained engineering draftsman, he's where I get any modicum of talent from, and I owe it all to him and my mum's encouragement for me being in the position of being able (occasionally!) to make a living from making drawings. This image was taken from a Morris wallpaper sample, something I think he'd be quite pleased about. He always wanted to know what I was working on. This one was just for him.