Tuesday, 21 October 2008

things to do in new cross when you cant sleep


Went to Frieze and stood next to Jarvis Cocker for 20 minutes and that was the unashamed highlight. i still would, even the beard looks good.

Liked Ceal Floyer's piece, the huge tapestries by Craigie Horsfield at the Frith Street gallery stand and the always exciting and slightly smelly work of Roger Hiorns at Corvi MoraThere were too many haircuts though, but i think thats my fault for waiting till Sunday to go.

Sleb spot - other than Jarv, very low indeed my sources tell me - a sniff of George Michael, and thats about it.

Hmm, i might try and get some sleep after that little outburst.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

wie komme ich am besten zum bahnhof?

Berlin U Bahn stops seem to all have diferrent fonts on their signs, which i like. I presume this lack of uniformity may have something to do with that massive wall thing they had for a while.

ok, so maybe i didn't make much of a point with only two pictures, but i couldn't find the others...

ich bin ein wiener schnitzel, bitte

berlin; city of kebabs, weird white beer with syrup in ( though that really is't' that different from drinking strawberry Brother's cider) and ace stuff. some things what i did see are as follows: