Monday, 23 August 2010

One has been rather busy

I'm taking advantage here of my incredible intermittent internet connection to show some new stuff. Virgin Fucking Media have told me basically I don't really have internet connection   till 7th Sept. So I have told them I shan't be paying for it. ANYWAY, THAT'S ANOTHER STORY and unrelated to what's been going on...

I did this for the beautiful songstress, for her to use as she see's fit...

I've been to more festivals than I can shake a shitty stick at, and as anyone who knows me knows that I bloody LOVE a good festival, that's been a 'good' thing. Have a look at Ollie Harrop's wonderful pics of us doing our multicoloured weird stuff on what feel like a billion and one stages here 

btw chaps and chappesses,  He's got an exhibition on at ROOM gallery up in Shoreditch, London Towne on until the 29th August. Go and see it its brilliant ( I'm including myself in that, as ive yet to get off my lazy arse and go)

I have some amazing new drawings I've done for a women's journal I shall be posting soon.. Can you say your own work's amazing? I usually don't as I have cripplingly shit self esteem, but well, I'm rather pleased with these. And i hope you will be too... oh here's a hint...


and and and what else? ahhh.. I couldn't sleep so i made these.

Monday, 9 August 2010


...Is the new collaborative project of Rubbish Doll House creator and friend Rubbish Fairy and Lady Ballooon, both Berlin based artists, muses and supreme beings that are creating all sorts of crazed beauty and darkness over the other side of Europe.
Collage, art and music, Görlzwörld, will be... well, I have no idea but I cant wait to find out. A number of nights are planned for the autumn... including the one IM DJING AT! Excited? me? well.....


Passing the time away

Its actually been hard to not be in a field this summer, so the precious moments I do have when I'm not at a festival singing my little socks off ( oh its such a hard life *parp*) are taken up panicking blindly about money and then trying to make work. Here's some of my latest bits. 

These are from an ongoing little project that hopefully will end in a book! That I will publish! and you can buy! 

I've also got two more logos coming up this week.... ahh. I'm not a total lazy bum.