Sunday, 31 January 2010

The 2nd series of Twin Peaks will soon be on DVD

...and that's pretty much the most exciting thing ever. I'm trying to make some more things but everyone else is making even more amazing stuff so its hard to concentrate sometimes. So here's whats responsible:

1. EVERYONE should do this as it takes seconds and is just genius. And if you already have? Well do it again. 

2. These people, who present some brilliant work, and parties where this is standard,

3. And then there's always the Adam and Joe podcasts which stop me breathing out of laughter at some points. Im a little in love with Adam Buxton.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

le freak c'est...

New stuff produced for the Freaks night at the George Tavern... It was also my birthday party this month. I remember bits of it... luckily the photographic evidence is non existent.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Yep, It's a hot dog. Snarf.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Coxeter's Fayre!

My dear and lovely co-gagglette Laura Coxeter has ventured out into the world of business, and has created the wonderful Coxeter's Fayre - a haven of all things raw, living food related and my personal favourite current obsession, her sublime handmade raw chocolates.

Anyway, more importantly, she asked me to design the logo for her new website! So here it is. And go buy her chocolates.... they really are a whole other world of amazingness...

Further Sessun work from last year

Here's some pictures from the second part of work I have been doing with Carolina Melis for Sessun in Paris:

We worked on a series of 16 embroideries based round bird and flag themes, following on from Carolina's large scale embroidery that formed part of the autumn/winter window hangings in the store. The embroideries are currently on sale in the Paris shop in Bastille at 34 rue de Charonne.

Emma Francois, the director behind Sessun, also sent over some nice shots of the window hangings from earlier in the year, which are lovely!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

900 miles of Winterness

Cooor, I've been all over from Plumstead to Grantham, Hay-On-Wye and back again and its been lovely. Now it all has to stop as I really cannot eat anymore of these, even though the tin is really really nice:

surprisingly, in between the liqueur chocolates and train journeys, I managed to find time to do some work as well, as a present to my sister. This is my rather special little niece.

I know my holiday pics probably aren't the most exciting thing you'll see on a blog, but here's a few things I liked these past few weeks...