Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Which craft?

Yes , Yes! Mutate Britain is back with another best-exhibition-in-the-world type jobby down in Ladbrooke Grove that opened last week. Along with the rather loose art collective/noshers that is is and are the House of Doll we have a rather special little area, displaying our wares....

so I made these little fingys to sell for a very reasonable price.

Carolina Melis

I've been working with Carolina since this August on a number a projects, including this for French fashion label and shop Sessun, based in Paris. Here are some pics from the first window display for their new store in Bastille, Paris.

The two windows of the shop were hung with a tapestry, and a net of hanging butterflies, all unique, named and numbered.

And in situ:

Wonderful stuff! and yes I am very much parping my own trumpet here.

More to follow soon!