Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Which craft?

Yes , Yes! Mutate Britain is back with another best-exhibition-in-the-world type jobby down in Ladbrooke Grove that opened last week. Along with the rather loose art collective/noshers that is is and are the House of Doll we have a rather special little area, displaying our wares....

so I made these little fingys to sell for a very reasonable price.

Carolina Melis

I've been working with Carolina since this August on a number a projects, including this for French fashion label and shop Sessun, based in Paris. Here are some pics from the first window display for their new store in Bastille, Paris.

The two windows of the shop were hung with a tapestry, and a net of hanging butterflies, all unique, named and numbered.

And in situ:

Wonderful stuff! and yes I am very much parping my own trumpet here.

More to follow soon!

Friday, 13 November 2009

Old soaks

Drew some classic alcoholics.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Look! Stop! Listen! Look!

This is a job I worked on about a year ago.. and in true Strickson style is taken a year to put it within sniffing distance of the internet. sorry... A wonderful new series of road safety videos and prints for the Department of Transport devised by Smith and Foulkes at Nexus and Leo Burnett; I had the great pleasure of working with them helping design the font in the titles. It was a brilliant experience, and I'm chuffed to bits with the outcome - (it just took me ages to tell you)

Client: Department for Transport
Title: ‘The Boy Who Didn't Stop Look and Listen’
Length: 1 x 40″
Production Company: Nexus Productions
Director: Smith & Foulkes
Executive Producers: Chris O’Reilly and Charlotte Bavasso
Head of Production: Julia Parfitt
Producer: Melody Sylvester
Production Assistant: Denise Abraham
Character Designer: Mustashrik Mahbub
Project Lead: Mark Davies

Getting wiggy wit' it (sorry.)

I've been working on this for a while - heres my wigtastic wigular drawings! I think it would make a cracking teatowel.

Prangsta work

In a quest to conquer most fields of work, I have begun working with the incomparable Melanie Wilson and Prangsta on a new press pack, and generally helping her and the team make it the most successful costumiers on the world. AIM HIGH PEOPLE

Here is some work in progress.

I had a summer part 2 (v unartistic.)

I went and did a bit of European travelling like innit. Someone's got to.

Berlin again... most of it spent indoors. Went to see my friends exhibtion at Neurotitan which was a bit good; 'Urban Witches Not Bitches' Included the work of Rubbish Fairy, Diana Arce, Fake Mistress, Legs Akimbo of the ace Team Plastique and Lucy A. Roberts and kind of raped your eyes in a very good way.

The there was the usual round of soviet war memorials and cheap karaoke.

(MC Gaff E on the mic. There is none better. )

Then a bit of being a Parisian! TWICE!

More about the second visit later... that was work related, and therefore slightly more relevant than this load of holiday snaps no ones probably the slightest bit interested in....

I had a summer part 1

You know how it is, you get busy then forget to update anything for about 6 MONTHS. Here's a few new things.

Gaggle has kind of gone a bit mental, and we've been all over the shop lately; a Radio 1 session in Maida Vale.

Cardiff for Swn Festival (thanks to the rather wonderful Huw Stephens of Radio 1)

(Photo by the wonderful Danny North)

Doing our video for the 'upcoming hot fresh new' single 'I Hear Flies'

(picture by hot stuff Sarah McClean)

OMG indeed. Aaaaaaaaand we're off the Transmusicales festival in Rennes in Brittany in December! How SPECIAL.

When not gallavanting, I've been doing some pics for the Gaggle website that will soon to be in existence. i hope. maybe eventually...

One of the page icons
Random bits of stuff,
And a prototype mountain, of course.

And I've decided to become a professional face painter. Goodbye cruel illustration world.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Glastonbury Work

Around about the month of June, is the mystical lands of Somerset, a bunch of noshers descend on Glastonbury and a specific type descends on Trash City in the far flung corner of the site. As you may or may not know, I is involved with this lark and again made the front sign for the Rubbish Doll House...

Which then looked a bit like this...

then we all ended looking a bit like this...

Sunday, 12 July 2009

oh and i did this too and stuff

A 48 hour photographic piece of genius from Shane Deegan... hows about them apples? 


phew. im knackered , its been knackering all involved are K.N.A.C.K.E.R.E.D. Who'd have thought it. 

So the choirs going rather well.... what with doing this and this... its a ll abit exciting. fuck thats, its AMAAAAAZZZZING 

GAGGLE performing 'Crows' @ THE SHUNT, London Bridge, 2nd April 2009 from dan marner on Vimeo

Next gig is Brixton Windmill on Weds 15th ... so come down and get yours

Friday, 5 June 2009

As promised...

This was that website what i did a picture for. Fanks. 

beautiful hands - beautiful ladies and beautiful music. Ahhhhhhh. 

Saturday, 18 April 2009


Gaggle are the new best thing in music ever. Trufax.

See? fit as fuck and all astonishingly talented. I have joined Gaggle, and am now starting my first foray into live music. This will be interesting.  


1st May Bar Music Hall, Curtain Rd Laaaandan Town

Monday, 2 March 2009

its tha new style or something

the top two pics are from a forthcoming high quality ie: mass produced a cheaply photocopied book entitled 'me and some wigs'. This title may be subject to change.