Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Amelia's Magazine blog for Flik Hall

Well hello I'm back.I have been doing some ultra top secret work which you will see the fruits of in the summer, I'm making sound all far more interesting than it is, but well, its kind of cool. Annoyingly I have a load of work that Ive done recently, none of which I can actually show as it's all under NDA's. GRUMPFACE. 

But this I can... new blog up yesterday on Amelia's Magazine documenting mine and Charlotte Hoyle's recent collaboration with fashion designer Flik Hall's A/W 2011 collection. Read on, its lovely stuff! 

Felicity herself had this to say about my illustrations which I feel is spot on.

 When I found Rebecca’s work I particularly like a section of her work named Rubbish Doll House… I really liked the texture she had worked into her illustrations, one of a girl with rams horns looked amazing with so much attention to detail and delicate lines encasing the image. I imagined her style would translate well onto the intricate fabrics in the collection.

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